Criminal Law:

Misdemeanors, Felonies, Municipal Violations and Juvenile matters.

Traffic Law:

DUI, DWAI, driving under restraint (DUR), speeding, careless driving, photo tickets, habitual offenders.

Denver DUI Lawyer:

Lisa is an excellent Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Lawyer that can assist you with your legal needs throughout Denver, Colorado and the Denver Metro Area. Lisa can help you navigate through the entire legal process.


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Record Sealings/Expungement:

Were your charges Dismissed? Were you Acquitted at Trial? Did you successfully serve a Deferred Judgment & Sentence? Are you concerned that your records may still be accessible to the public. Are you concerned about future employment opportunities and background checks?
Call NOW …. Lisa can help!

A sample of common criminal charges we defend are: assault, domestic violence (DV), drug charges, minor in possession (MIP), child abuse, probation violation, trespassing, shoplifting/theft and harassment.


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